A Disneyland-goer's Guide to Essential Oils

by Bella Martinez February 13, 2020

A Disneyland-goer's Guide To Essential Oils

Being based in Southern California has its perks. One of those perks? Disneyland. Located approximately 38 miles north of Edens Garden HQ, the Happiest Place on Earth is where you’ll find many of our employees throughout the year. And if you’re planning a Disney or theme-park trip, you’re in luck. Our aromatherapy sages and Mickey Mouse mavens have curated their favorite oils for trips to Disneyland to help make your next Disney visit a walk in the park. 

Immunity: Where there are thousands of people, there are millions of germs, viruses and other microbes wandering about. Roll-on  Germ Ease,  Healthy Hero or Fighting Five synergy blends and roll-off your worries about getting sick.

Stress: Standing in long lines from the moment you enter the park to the moment you leave can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep Anxiety Ease or  Stress Relief in a personal pocket inhaler and pull it out as needed. Alternatively, use Lavender for its supreme stress-relieving abilities.

Over-Stimulation: For some people, especially children, the lights, sounds, rides, scents and sites can be overstimulating. When you need to, take a break and roll-on  Focus, Focus, Focus or Calm ‘Em Down blends.

Motion Sickness + Digestion Problems: Don’t let your proclivity to develop motion sickness stop you from hopping on the Incredicoaster or Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Instead, roll-on  Digest Ease, Peppermint or Tummy Aid for little ones.

Meltdowns: Warning: Kids (and adults) are subject to meltdowns after a long day of waiting in lines and walking for hours. In which case, stop off at any number of Disney’s great food spots, like Bengal Barbecue or Alien Pizza Planet, and inhale Calm ‘Em Down or Bee Happy.

Energy: Don’t let weariness stop you short from experiencing a full day at Disney. Instead, keep Energy Boost, Stay Alert or  Awake & Aware in a personal pocket inhaler and use as needed.

Soreness: And after the day is finally over, you may notice that your legs, feet and back feel like you just did a full-body workout, all day long. In which case, pick up Circu-Touch or Massage Therapy and massage onto those sore muscles. And if the kids are feeling it too, grab Aches & Pains for them.

What are your must-haves for a trip to the theme park? Let us know in the comments section!

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