Grapeseed Oil is Like A Tall Glass of Water for Your Skin

by Danielle De Guzman April 30, 2019

Grapeseed Oil is Like A Tall Glass of Water for Your Skin

It’s said that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. That’s roughly 64 ounces between the time we wake and go to sleep. And let’s not forget that all of that liquid is going inside of our bodies. What about taking care of the outside of our bodies, specifically our body’s largest organ? Yes, we’re talking about your skin. How about a tall glass of water for your skin — does that exist? Indeed it does, only it’s in an unlikely product.

Grapeseed oil is not a water-based product. Quite the opposite, actually. Grapeseed oil is extracted from the grape’s seeds after they have been used in the wine-making process. While wine is something that we can raise a glass to, the seeds of the grape create something better for your overall health.

If you’re looking for an all-natural skin-care product, Grapeseed oil is your answer. Like another common food ingredient — Coconut oil — Grapeseed oil contains linoleic acid and an abundance of antioxidants that are great for the body and face. Even if you have sensitive skin, Grapeseed oil can aid your skin without irritating it. While this carrier oil can be used anywhere on the surface of your face, it can serve as a cost-effective alternative to pricy eye creams. High in vitamin E, Grapeseed can help phase-out even the darkest circles under your eyes.

While acting as a skin-care remedy is impressive, Grapeseed oil’s benefits extend to greater depths — literally. What if we said that your scars could potentially fade with the help of Grapeseed oil? Because that’s what we’re saying. As previously mentioned, this oil is high in vitamin E, which has been proven to accelerate the healing process of scars while diminishing their severity. Speaking of damaged skin, the sun can put your skin through the wringer. Fortunately, Grapeseed oil’s antioxidants fight free radicals, defending your skin from the ravages of unmitigated UV rays. And, like scars, Grapeseed oil can possibly alleviate past skin damage too.

Knock out the proverbial cobwebs of spider veins (aka varicose veins) with the help of Grapeseed oil. Again, antioxidants found in this oil reduce inflammation and leakage in the veins, helping you reclaim the skin you deserve. Speaking of skin, Grapeseed oil helps to tighten, moisturize and reduce the appearance of lines without clogging pores (or, as we mentioned before, emptying your bank account).

Please note that while it’s been said that omega-6 fatty acids, if used too much, can cause low-grade inflammation, this claim is patently untrue. New studies, like this one, refute the claim that omega-6 fatty acids and inflammation are connected. This is to say, enjoy your Grapeseed oil worry-free!

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