Our Favorite Energizing Essential Oils for a Midday Pick-Me-Up

by Erin Sweeney July 22, 2019

Our Favorite Energizing Essential Oils for a Midday Pick-Me-Up

The post-lunch lag. You know the symptoms all too well. Your arms feel like pudding, your brain has downshifted and all you really want to do is pull out a cot for a peaceful nap. Alas, unless you work at a cot shop and your boss is okay with you napping, this just isn’t an option. So, what are your options to jumpstart your mood? Of course, there’s the coffee in the kitchen, but it’s been sitting in the pot for hours, not to mention you don’t need any more caffeine pumping through your veins (you have to sleep tonight!).

May we offer a solution in the form of essential oils? Refreshing your zest for the day is actually easy with the right single oil or synergy blend. Plus, you reap the therapeutic benefits of EOs while dodging that midday cup of coffee that, let’s face it, doesn’t always work. We know you’re busy checking off tasks at your desk, so we decided to put together a list of our favorite energizing essential oils to get you through that midday lethargy.

  1. Energy Boost: This blend offers up a festival of citrus and pepper notes that work to power-up your body and mind when they’re fading fast. We recommend keeping a personal inhaler full of this at your desk so you never have to worry about missing a deadline.
  1. Awake & Aware: Get a move on the rest of your day with this synergy blend that aims to sharpen and focus. Bold, earthy and accentuated with hints of musk, Awake & Aware’s aroma refuels your tank to finish out the day strong.
  1. Stay Alert: The goal of this synergy blend is right in its name. When your head starts to feel heavy, diffuse a few drops of this to bask in its minty, earthy aroma and break away from cloudy thoughts.
  1. Uplift: Upfront with a bold aroma of citrus and peppermint notes, this synergy blend rises to the challenge of rescuing you from the depths of mental fogginess.
  1. Shine: Radiate energy, joy and self-worth with Shine. This bold synergy blend presents a sweet, floral aroma that’s like having a vase of fresh flowers delivered to your desk, which we’re pretty sure would perk up just about anyone.
  1. Lemon: It’s no secret that a slice of lemon added to your ice water can perk it up, and this EO functions the same way. Consider diluting this EO to the unscented hand lotion (formulated to have additional ingredients such as EOs added) to enjoy the benefit of an energy boost while moisturizing.
  1. Coffee: Instead of pouring more coffee in your mug, pour some of this EO into your diffuser. With the same aromatic qualities as a freshly brewed cup o’ joe, this essential oil can bring your senses back to life without keeping you awake at night.
  1. Bliss: A slow afternoon can weigh you down, but Bliss provides a boost. Combining citrus and spicy notes, this synergy blend reinvigorates your mood and offers a little push when you’re struggling to get over the hump.
  1. Grapefruit Pink Pepper: Bring a bright spot to your afternoon with the pizzazz-inducing Grapefruit Pink Pepper. A synergy blend with energizing on its mind, its playful aroma works to harmonize and revive yours.
  1. Joy: Spread the Joy — literally. Able to inspire levity and blissful thoughts, this is an ace blend to share with your co-workers (with their consent, of course) using an ultrasonic diffuser.

Let us know what some of your favorite EO pick-me-ups are in the comments below!

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