Our Favorite Roll-Ons For Cold & Flu Season

by Jenna Jones January 15, 2021

Essential Oil Roll-ons

Staying healthy is currently top of mind for many of us. By utilizing the natural properties of pure essential oils, you can find relief and maintain your wellness throughout the year. Pre-diluted Roll-Ons offer a higher level of convenience and ease-of-use to help combat achy muscles, congestion and restlessness. 

Although colds and the flu can strike throughout the year, flu activity spikes between December and February according to the CDC. Maintaining a healthy immune system is key in staying ahead of any sickness. That means keeping a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly.

Using essential oils can help you find relief when you need it most. A report by the American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products suggests that compounds in some essential oils have an antimicrobial activity that can ward off sickness but more research is needed. 

Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep because a cough is keeping up or you need help clearing a stuffy nose, our Roll-Ons have you covered. 

  1. Bliss: A combination of cold, cloudy days and getting sick is a recipe for a less than  spectacular day. Bliss is the silver lining when the dreary wearies get you down. It’s spicy, vibrant aroma helps to clear away negative thoughts and emotions while also staving off cold and flu. 

  2. Deep Breath: Formulated with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree, Deep Breath can help clear your airways so you can find relief. If you're feeling congested, its clear and bright aroma encourages more full breathes. Apply to pulse points a few times a day to experience exhale-ent relief. 

  3. Germ Ease: Being proactive is the first step to preventing sickness. Dab on Germ Ease in conjunction with our Hand Sanitizer after touching public door handles and surfaces to stay protected this cold and flu season. Safe For Kids 2+, Germ Ease is the perfect on-the-go remedy for the whole family. 

  4. Guardian: Warm, spicy and healthful, Guardian is a bottle of pure wonder. This hearty roll-on is our preferred companion during the chilly winter months for its ability to defend and fight back against common ailments.  

  5. Sniffles & Sneezes: Sniffles & Sneezes roll-on is like a tissue- there to support you in your illness. Applying this comforting blend of cedarwoods and firs allows you to stay on top of your daily tasks, whether or not sickness has befallen you this season. 

  6. Tranquility: We could all use some calming reassurance in the midst of a cold or flu. Tranquility is both comforting and sedative. Apply it when you’re having trouble sleeping, or when you need a little something to remind you that illness is only temporary. 

If you want to explore other options for the cold & flu season, see our essential oils for stuffy nose on this link.


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Edens Garden

January 18, 2021 at 10:38 am

Hi Cheryl! Here’s an article on where to apply roll-ons for specific applications: https://www.edensgarden.com/blogs/news/your-eo-cheat-sheet-where-to-apply-roll-ons


January 18, 2021 at 10:20 am

I purchased the Guardian and Fighting Five roll on. Now, how and where to apply them for best effectiveness?