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10 Essential Oils For Congestion

10 Essential Oils For Congestion

An unwelcome visitor of cold and flu season, congestion can put a damper on your day. Luckily, with support from essential oils you can stop congestion before it affects your sleeping, eating and breathing.

The medicinal, clearing aroma of chest rubs is often associated with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Camphor. These oils (along with others that share similar therapeutic properties and aromas) can aid in remedying your congestion and have you breathing deep in no time.

Eucalyptus: When it comes to breathing better, Eucalyptus is our go-to. All three Eucalyptus oils we offer can be used for congestion, but Eucalyptus globulus may be the best, as it contains the highest amount of 1,8 cineole — theconstituent which aids breathing.

Laurel Leaf: Historically, Laurel Leaf has been used for itsexpectorant properties which break up mucus and aid congestion when inhaled. This oil, along with other respiratory supportive oils are available in EG’sDeep Breath synergy blend.

Ravintsara: Energizing and uplifting, Ravintsara can help restore respiratory abilities. Ravintsara also shares similarities with Camphor in that they’reboth obtained from the same tree,Cinnamomum camphora. However, Ravintsara is distilled from the leaves and Camphor is distilled from the wood.

Camphor: Containing significant amounts of both limonene and 1,8 cineole, Camphor goes above and beyond to help restore you to health. This oil helps to open up passageways while also supporting the immune system. Try pairing with Ravintsara to create the perfect synergy for fighting congestion.

Saro: A unique oil from Madagascar, Saro is highly efficient when it comes to clearing airways. This oil also has properties applicable to sickness and preventive care, along with itsnumerous therapeutic benefits.

Cajeput: As an oil with as much 1,8 cineole as Eucalyptus, it’s no wonder Cajeput comes highly recommended for congestion and other breathing issues. This combative oil imparts relief throughTiger Balm and similar products, providing congestion and ache relief.

Peppermint: Wonderfully minty, Peppermint promotes better breathing whilereducing inflammation associated with congestion. Peppermint is found in bothExhale and Deep Breath synergy blends.

Frankincense Sacra: High in anti-inflammatory a-pinene, Frankincense sacra is a great choice for reducing the stuffiness congestion brings. Frankincense carterii also contains a significant  amount of a-pinene and is used in synergy with other respiratory-loving EOs inBreathe In, Breathe Out blend.

Fir Balsam: When illness befalls you, reach for Fir Balsam.With decongestant, immunostimulant and mucolytic properties, this trusty essential oil is your one-stop shop for all things congestion related.

Spike Lavender: With all the wholesome benefits of Lavender, and a good dose of 1,8 cineole, Spike Lavender is a congestion-fighting machine. Breathe better with a few quick whiffs of Spike Lavender.


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