AAA: Can You Use Essential Oils to Stop Snoring?

by Bella Martinez April 10, 2019

AAA: Can You Use Essential Oils to Stop Snoring?

Snoring may seem like a minor inconvenience to the heavy sleeper or the uninitiated, but to the sleepless, on-their-last-straw partners of mouth breathers, snoring is an affliction in need of a cure. We’ve been there, which is why we readily welcome the oft-asked question: can you use essential oils to stop snoring? Despite tireless searching, it was difficult to uncover many legitimate studies on essential oils diminishing snoring. However, we remained hopeful knowing that there may be a lot at stake. This lead us to a study that restored our faith and reminded us that there’s an essential oil for that (at least in this case).

A hospital in England recruited snorers and their significant others (SO) to test essential oils’ ability to stop snoring. Those with sleep apnea (a common cause of snoring) were excluded from the experiment. Snorers were separated into three groups: a control group which used a placebo and two variable groups which used the same essential oil formula, but in the forms of a spray and gargle. Partners of snorers were asked to measure their SO’s snoring for 14 days, without a treatment. Following this, snorers were randomly given one of three treatments. Partners of snorers were again asked to measure their SO’s snoring for 14 days, with the use of a treatment every night. Comparative data showed that 82% of patients using the spray, 71% of patients using the gargle and only 44% of patients using the placebo, snored less in the opinions of their partners. So just how can SO’s of snorers benefit from this information? Let’s look at the scientists’ methodologies.

Snoring is often caused by the tongue and throat tissues relaxing while one sleeps. As you breathe in and out, they obstruct the airways and vibrate. To reduce these vibrations and sounds, researchers of this study chose a variety of antispasmodic EOs to create the snoring treatment. Both the spray and gargle contained the same formula, including Peppermint, Clove and Lemon, amongst other oils and ingredients. Though we don’t recommend using essential oils internally, we believe many can benefit from the findings in this study by using an antispasmodic blend of essential oils topically.

Snore Stopper

To help guide you into a restful night’s sleep, our aromatherapists have created the antispasmodic blend of your uninterrupted dreams.

40 drops Lavender

20 drops Clary Sage

15 drops Fennel

15 drops Thyme

10 drops Clove

How to: Add oils to a 5 ml stock bottle and gently shake to combine. To use, dilute to 3% and apply to the upper half of your throat. If 3% proves ineffective after 14 consecutive nights of use, increase dilution to a maximum of 5%. For external use only.

Dream On, Dreamer

When it comes to getting a full night's sleep, partners of snorers can get an extra helping hand with Edens Garden's wide range of dream-worthy products. Spritz the Chamomile Lavender room spray onto your pillow. Diffuse Sound Asleep, Sleepy Head or Sleep Ease at bedtime. Soak in the Good Night bath salt before hitting the hay, or apply Good Night body oil to stay surrounded in skin-nourishing, sweetly, sedative essential oils. Before you know it, you'll be turning your alarm clock's volume all the way up. 

*Please note that snoring can be indicative of a more serious medical condition, such as sleep apnea. A sleep study, performed by a medical professional, can assist you with better understanding your snoring. Please check with your doctor before using essential oils for snoring. 

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