How You Can Combat Fatigue

by Erin Sweeney July 22, 2020

How You Can Combat Fatigue

Do you wish you had more energy? Are you wondering what helps with fatigue? Many people struggle to feel awake and alert throughout the day. Root causes are as unique as the people who suffer from fatigue or chronic fatigue: you may be tired due to not getting enough sleep, pregnancy fatigue, inadequate nutrition, physical activity, or anything in between.

The bad news? Caffeine, a favorite go-to solution, may combat fatigue in the short-term, only to increase sleepiness over time. Whether you manage menopausal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, extreme fatigue, or even mild fatigue, your morning cup of joe is not helping you like you think it is. 

The good news? Simple home remedies and changes to your lifestyle can work together to increase your energy level, help in managing fatigue, and boost your mood.


What Home Remedy Can I Use To Get Rid Of Tiredness?

Before we address some of the deep root causes of fatigue, we want to help you start feeling better  right awayHere’s how to combat fatigue with our top home remedies.

Peppermint essential oil

A popular flavoring agent, Peppermint, has been used in Eastern and Western culture for the following:
  • Reducing symptoms of colds

  • Relief from discomfort

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

Modern science is currently investigating the chemical pathways that make peppermint a useful aid. What’s already clear is that Peppermint essential oil can help combat fatigue:
  • In a 2005 human study, researchers Mark Norrish and Katie Dwyer found that people were less likely to get sleepy while sitting in a darkened room if exposed to Peppermint oil. This indicates that peppermint can reduce daytime sleepiness caused by external factors.

  • In a 2001 study on mice, researchers found that smelling Peppermint oil increased mice’s motion. This is a sign that it gave them more energy. The research team also identified several chemical compounds that can be directly tied to this effect.

While more studies are needed to understand peppermint’s effects fully, peppermint aromatherapy may help boost your energy right away. Peppermint can also help as one of many home remedies for rashes

Try it out by:

  • Carrying Peppermint EO (in a bottle or handheld diffuser) and inhaling its aroma as needed

  • Placing a diffuser with Peppermint EO in your home, especially in your home office or kitchen

  • Using a diffuser in your car to keep your energy up when you’re on the go

Edens Garden Energy Boost Blend

Peppermint isn’t the only essential oil that can boost energy. Several other essential oils are promising aromatherapy aids for fatigue.

  • Lemon – In 2016, researchers studied the effect of a compound in Lemon essential oil on mice that were exposed to sleep deprivation. Those given the essential oil blend had fewer symptoms of fatigue than the control group. However, it doesn’t take a scientist to attest to lemon’s bright, uplifting aroma. Lemon can also be used to help with uneven skin tone on face areas. 

  • Black Pepper – Pepper has long been used in medicinal traditions, including Ayurveda, to boost energy and focus. Its efficacy in combating fatigue is currently the subject of clinical research. This spicy ingredient can already be found in aromatherapy blends, as well as over-the-counter food supplements for focus.

  • Sandalwood – Another traditional medicinal herb, sandalwood, has been found to increase blood saturation, blood pressure, and pulse. These physiological effects suggest people experience heightened focus, alertness, and attention when exposed to its woody aroma.

Edens Garden Energy Boost Blend combines these three potent essential oils in a bright, crisp blend perfect to uplift your mood and energy. Also, see our essential oils for energy - Energy & Focus oil blend gives you energy and motivation to take on the day.

Get Moving

Another way to quickly boost your mood and reduce muscle weakness? Exercise for just five or ten minutes.

We saved this one for  after the essential oils because we know how hard it is to get active when you’re already feeling extreme tiredness and groggy. 

However, once you’ve had a whiff of your essential oil of choice, you may be ready to harness exercise’s beneficial, energizing effects:
  • Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to tissue throughout the body

  • Your cardiovascular system begins to work more efficiently

  • Improved strength and stamina can boost energy in the long term

If you don’t like running, don’t run. Just about any form of light exercise can boost your energy. Try out:

  • Walking

  • Gardening

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Riding a bicycle

  • Light household chores

After just a few minutes, you may be able to return to your daily tasks with more focus and energy.


How To Get Better Sleep

In the long term, adequate sleep is essential for avoiding fatigue and drowsiness. Poor sleep can cause not only mental fatigue but overall more generalized weakness.

Harvard Health Publishing provides some tips on getting good sleep during menopause that can also apply throughout life:

  • Maintain a regular schedule – Try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. While it may feel good to sleep in and “catch up” in the short term, this can make it harder to fall asleep the next night, and disrupt your sleep cycles.

  • Skip alcohol and caffeine at night – As we all know, caffeine can keep you up at night. In contrast, alcohol’s sedating effects might seem like a helpful way to make yourself sleepy. However, as your body processes alcohol, you may wake up in the middle of the night, defeating the purpose.

  • Avoid blue light – The blue glow from your computer can signal your brain to stay awake. Try to turn off screens an hour before bed, or download apps and plug-ins that shift the light to warmer colors.

  • Make your bedroom an inviting place to sleep – Try not to spend too much time throughout the day in your bedroom. Make sure it’s primarily the place you sleep, not the place you answer work email. Beyond that, keep it clean, tidy, and cozy.

  • A Synergy Blend That Promotes Sleep

    One way to make your bedroom a little more inviting? Essentials oil that promote sleep are our pick. Research and studies illustrate in great detail how aromatherapy can benefit those who need a little help falling asleep and staying asleep. Here’s how our expert formulators have put that research to work.

    Sleep Ease Synergy Blend was created with our top quality oils to help you during those nights where you lay restlessly in bed. A serene blend of sedative florals like Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose and more, Sleep Ease can enable effortless sleep to help you wake up feeling refreshed. Don’t want to go through the trouble of diluting Sleep Ease before bedtime? Try it in a conveniently, prediluted roll-on.

    Good Night Synergy Blend is a cozy blend that was made to soothe you to sleep. Its properties promote calm and rest to help you sink deeply into your pillow at night. But don’t take our word for it – read Good Night’s reviews and see for yourself the difference our most popular sleep blend has made for users since EG’s inception. And if you can’t get enough of Good Night synergy blend, good news! It’s also available in a prediluted roll-on, body oil, room spray and bath salt. Who ever said you can have too much of a  Good thing?

    Try it out for yourself:

    • Add Lavender essential oil, Good Night Synergy Blend, or Sleep Ease Synergy Blend  to your diffuser. Diffuse for 30 minutes before bedtime, as diffusing all-night can lead to overexposure.

    • Prefer to get your sleep-inducing benefits through topical use? The Sleep Ease and Good Night roll-on is your ticket to a full 8-hours. Apply to pulse points such as those found on your wrists, behind the elbows and knees and so on. 

    • Soak in the goodness with Good Night bath salt. Not only does this bath salt help you get a good night’s rest with the sedative synergy blend it contains and sleep-inducing magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), but the temperature change from a warm bath to a cooler environment has also been shown to regulate one’s circadian rhythm, which tells your body when to sleep and when to wake. 

    • Don’t forget to moisturize before bed. Good Night body oil is not only highly skin-nourishing with carrier oils such as Fractionated Coconut, Apricot Kernel and Camellia Seed, but it’s also a good way of obtaining the restful benefits of Good Night.

    • Don’t have time to diffuse? Create the perfect sleep oasis on the fly with a few spritzes of Good Night room spray. Also try our kid-friendly Sound Asleep room spray. Spritz onto your pillows, sheets and around your bed for maximum aroma-output. 

    • Wear an essential oil bracelet to keep the aroma present with you throughout the night.

    • Lastly, if you have little ones who have trouble sleeping, give our Sound Asleep and Sleepy Head blends a try! Safe for kids but effective enough for adults, these dreamy blends are great for the whole family. Also try these blends in a prediluted roll-on.

    What Foods Help Beat Fatigue?

    Once you’re getting better sleep, you can further modify your lifestyle to combat fatigue.

    The Mayo Clinic suggests eating the following foods to keep your energy levels up throughout the day:

  • Eat dark, leafy greens – Broccoli, spinach, and kale are all packed full of nutrients. Since they’re also low in fat and sugar, you won’t get tired as you digest. If you don’t have time to make a salad, you can easily incorporate greens into a smoothie.

  • Embrace orange vegetables – Sweet potatoes and carrots are both full of Beta-carotene, which helps your body synthesize Vitamin A. Beta-carotene can improve energy and increase your immunity, resulting in better overall health.

  • Eat lean proteins – Fish, nuts, seeds, and other lean proteins can boost energy without weighing you down.

  • Stick to whole grains – Whole grains help you stay full throughout the day. Eating whole grains might mean having oatmeal at breakfast, or reaching for a whole-wheat PBJ instead of white sandwich bread.

  • As an added tip, eating smaller meals more frequently can help keep your energy levels up. That way, you’ll get more boosts throughout the day. Besides, smaller meals are easier to digest and won’t leave you craving a nap after lunch.

    Less Coffee, More Water

    Just as important as what you eat is what you drink. We’re not going to tell you to stop drinking caffeine. However, if coffee is the only thing that keeps you going throughout the day, it may actually be reducing your sleep quality. As a stimulant, caffeine makes it harder to fall and stay asleep.

    Consider decreasing your caffeine intake slowly and gradually, while drinking more water. This helps ensure your vital tissues receive the nutrients they need.


    What Is The Best Vitamin For Fatigue?

    If you’re always tired, it may be because you’re missing a nutrient in your diet and experiencing nutritional deficiencies.

    Some possible supplements include:

    •  Omega 3 – Also available in fish, leafy greens, and flaxseed

    •  Vitamin D – Present in mushroom, fish, and leafy greens

    • Iron – Found in red meat, orange juice, and some fish

    When you’re looking for supplements, you’ll find a number that boosts energy-boosting effects. Just be sure to research clinical studies on these vitamins and source your supplements from a reliable provider.


    Holistic Change For More Energy

    While it’s tempting to believe that a single supplement can improve your energy, focus, and relieve you of a common symptom, you usually need to change your lifestyle to start feeling better.

  • Stress can play a huge role in fatigue. When your body is constantly in a fight-or-flight state, fatigue can easily set in. Focus on getting better sleep and reducing your daily stress with natural aids like aromatherapy.

  • Insomnia can leave you chronically sleep-deprived. If you have difficulty staying asleep, it can be tempting to drink lots of coffee, sleep in when you’re able to, and try your best to stay afloat. However, better sleep habits can help improve the issue over time.

  • If you’re experiencing hormonal change, including menopause or pregnancy fatigue, you may have less energy than usual. The last thing you want to do is exercise, but taking care of your overall health is key.

  • Be aware of the roots behind your fatigue, and make small, sustainable lifestyle changes to feel better each day. Whether your goal is combatting fatigue or helping your skin, we have the perfect oil for your needs at Edens Garden.

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