DIY: OK For Kids Shoo Fly Essential Oil Blend Candle

Aside from all the mosquitoes, ticks, flies and gnats, summertime is wonderful! We can’t help but travel into the great...

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OK For Kids Pollen Buster: DIY Flower Power Bath Fizzy

Allergy season is upon us, and our homes are being plagued with watery, itchy eyes, fatigue and nonstop sneezing. Where...

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DIY Essential Oil Foam Soap - OK For Kids Superhero Strength

Our bodies were designed to fight infections, but sometimes we need a little help. And for children who go to...

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DIY First Aid Kit Using OK For Kids Ouch Ease

They start out crawling and toddling before they can walk. These stages of a child’s life are exciting milestones that...

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DIY Head-A-Sore-Us Headache Balm

A headache can come on as unexpectedly as a T. Rex in a movie. One moment, you’re having a great...

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DIY No More Germ Ease Hand Wipes - OK For Kids

Germs. Are. Everywhere. And we’re not just saying that to scare you but to bring your attention to a troubling...

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DIY Diffuser Jewelry + OK For Kids Focus, Focus, Focus

If your child has a lot of energy, than you’ve probably tried all of the tricks in the book to...

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Edens Garden OK For Kids Roll-Ons Now Available! Plus, 5 and 30mls

We are overjoyed to share the amazing benefits that Edens Garden’s OK For Kids blends have to offer. Juggling a life...

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DIY OK For Kids Breathe In, Breathe Out Chest Rub

Breathing should be the easiest activity we do, to the point where we don’t even have to think about it....

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DIY OK For Kids Calm 'Em Down Surprise Bath Fizzy

Many of you may be familiar with that disquieting time of the day; the kids come home from school, drop...

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DIY OK For Kids Aches & Pains Lotion Bar Recipe

Whether it has been a long week of sports practice or your little one has hit a growth spurt, soreness...

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DIY Bubble Mix and Wand - OK For Kids Bee Happy

Sometimes trying to keep our kids happy feels hopeless. Toddler tantrums can start up as unexpectedly as natural disasters, and...

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“I have a total of 5 diffusers in my house - including this gem - and have owned a few diffusers in the past years that we’re from major competitors, but died within a year of owning. This diffuser is unbelievable! Not only is it the prettiest one that I own, the emission of the oils during diffusion is prominent. It’s definitely mighty!”
“This lavender essential oil is the best I have ever tried. It not only smells amazing it also seems to have super high anti-inflammatory properties. I was suffering from lower back pain that was keeping me up at night. I applied a few drops of lavender oil mixed with a carrier oil before bed and woke up feeling good as new. I still can't believe it.”
“Currently sick and been diffusing this all night. I woke up feeling better. Plus this blend reminds so much of thieves oil (but doesn’t break the bank!). So many recipes to put this oil to good use. From diffusing, to cleaning products, to hand sanitizers, etc. you name it! I think this blend is definitely worth a shot if you haven’t already tried it! I know I’ll be repurchasing.”