10 New Diffuser Blends

by Annie Mascia October 27, 2022

10 New Diffuser Blends

Captivate your being with our new diffuser blends that will help you change your mood, give you new breath and take you to another realm. Our new pure essential oil blends are on a whole new level when it comes to essential oil harmony. These 10 new essential oil diffuser recipes incorporate floral, citrus, herbal and grounding essential oils and aim to deliver you to everything from mindfulness to removing worry and rekindling old memories. 

Here at Edens Garden, we are always thinking of natural living and you, our family of customers - to bring you the aromatherapy you deserve. So go ahead, indulge yourselves by using a few of these diffuser blends to kind your spirit and inspire wellness.

Introducing 10 New Diffuser Blends


When you want to better your mood, there is nothing more effective than a zesty, bright and crisp essential oil blend of citrus and the sweet wisp of enticing florals. Combining radiant Grapefruit and Lime with blossoms of Magnolia, this oil blend will reward you with a blissful attitude. Be Fruitful brings joy to your heart and pushes aside worry, offering you new perspectives and a renewed love for life. To top it off, Be Fruitful has the added benefit of supporting immune function and is fantastic to use as a diffuser blend.


Who doesn't need a breath of fresh air once in a while? Purifying, increasing alertness and mindfulness, this all-encompassing blend is a powerful neutralizer. Combining delightful air freshener and cleansing aromatics of mint and citrus, this oil will assist you in making space for great adventures and creativity by purifying your home and clearing space for good, wholesome energy. Breath of Fresh Air can also assist in healing skin irritations like bug bites or small scrapes.


If you’re looking for an aroma to obsess over, Diffuse, Inhale, Repeat essential oil blend may be just the thing. Earthy, forest-like and energizing, Diffuse, Inhale, Repeat combines the aromatics of Cedarwood, Fir Needle and Copaiba and is absolute bliss down to the last drop. We have a feeling it will become a favorite essential oil amongst those who experience it, because here at Edens Garden, we can’t get enough of it. Diffuse this favorite essential oil blend to promote and encourage open airways and better breathing, then close your eyes to picture the serenity of walking in the woods.


Warm, lazy, sunny mornings, fresh cut flowers and nostalgic records on repeat – Diffuser Days elicits this joyous picture. Adding this blend to a diffuser with its appealing aroma of Mandarin, notes of delectable Rose and meditative Patchouli is a good first step to starting your day off right. Blended into a carrier oil or into a room spray and worn topically as a perfume, your mind, body and soul will be complete. 


Fans of Ginger, rejoice! Do you happen to be looking for your new favorite aroma? We have just the blend for you! All it takes is one whiff to understand why. Find your senses invigorated with this soft yet strong aroma that balances a combination of floral bouquets and exotic spices. It is an admirable choice for use in a diffuser and just as extraordinary for its ability to boost circulation and aid digestive issues. 


Home Sweet Home essential oil blend was made to enhance every atmosphere. Inspired by moments of memories, we wanted this blend to feel personal and enjoyable to everyone. A favorite blend of cozy Firs, pops of Lime citrus oil and grounding Palo Santo, Home Sweet Home will be your blend for comfort and contentment bringing you the well-being you deserve. This blend is great for restoring and revitalizing used with a diffuser or added to a DIY spray.  


Crisp and invigorating like the ocean on a warm summer day, this transformative blend will uplift and offer hope with every inhale you take. Without ever leaving your home, experience the cool seaside Ocean Breeze in the comfort of your own home. The cathartic aroma of tropical Coconut, sweet Lime and fresh Lemon will put you on another level. Diffuse this lustrous blend or wear it in a DIY blend to enjoy it throughout the day. 


It’s easy to overlook the small things in life and we want you to be able to live life to the fullest, to savor every moment of your outstanding existence. The Good Life essential oil blend combines a sophisticated aroma that elevates and inspires and can only be found in nature. This breathtaking blend of Lemon, warm notes of Neroli and captivating  Jasmine will help you turn everyday into a celebration. 


Turn your home into a sanctuary and reinvigorate your living quarters to reinforce a cozy but fresh feel to your existence. One drop reveals the notes of fresh Bergamot and soft Vanilla are a welcoming addition to freshen up linens. With no other way to describe this blend, it is simply sensational and you will have to smell it to understand why. Diffuse it or add it in a DIY spray to use it anywhere and everywhere. 


Whether you feel it or not, you are surely worthy of all good things. The uniquely complex floral notes of Lavandin and Melissa combined with fragrant Tangerine captivates the senses making this an award-winning blend and it's just as laudable as you are. Voted Best Smelling essential oil blend helps you grab ahold of the sparkle you already possess. It will energize and revitalize just when you need it most.

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