3 Fall Diffuser Blend Recipes

by Bella Martinez October 21, 2015

Diy: 3 Fall Diffuser Blend Recipes

We hope you are as excited as we are for this fall season! This season is all about cold weather, autumn leaves, sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin everything, and our favorite fall spices. Whether you’re indoors baking ginger cookies or outside pumpkin carving, we have the blends for you! Here are some of our creative team member’s favorite fall blends.

A Walk In The Woods

Reminiscent of one of our favorite weekend hobbies, A Walk in the Woods blend will take you right back to your camping excursions! With its fresh piney aroma, and soft sweet nuances, you’ll have everyone thinking they’re up in the Sierras. This blend promotes respiratory health by clearing congestion and increasing circulation, as well as creating an uplifting environment with its stress relieving aromas.

10 drops Silver Fir
8 drops Spruce
8 drops Juniper Berry
4 drops Sweet Orange
4 drops Elemi
2 drops Amyris

Autumn Air

Our Autumn Air blend is as crisp and cool as the fall weather. Brighten up any room with this fresh and clear combination. The oils included in this blend are also great for giving you an immune boost during cold and flu season.

9 drops Eucalyptus
6 drops Juniper Berry
3 drops Sage
6 drops Lemon
3 drops Nutmeg
3 drops Silver Fir

Fall Spices

What better way to kick off the fall season, than with the aroma of your favorite fall spices! No need to bake cookies to make your home cozy and inviting. Along with the uplifting benefits, the oils in this blend also promote healthy digestion when diffused or used topically. Give your guests a warm welcome with the delicious aroma of Fall Spices.

4 drops Cassia
8 drops Allspice
8 drops Nutmeg
6 drops Cardamom
4 drops Muhuhu

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January 17, 2022 at 10:36 am

Agreed on the other comment about sweater weather! My daughter and I both wore / diffused it!

amanda shaffer

December 20, 2021 at 10:18 am

Please bring back sweater weather blend. It is my absolute favorite and anytime I diffuse it when I have company they always comment on how much they love the scent.