AAA: Essential Oils For Love And Romance

by Bella Martinez February 13, 2019

Essential Oils For Love And Romance

This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you and your loved one to have a no-fuss holiday. Eat out, or order in from your favorite restaurant, go see a movie, or watch one from the comfort of your own home, and when the night’s almost over (or just beginning) pull out our favorite sultry, aphrodisiac essential oils. EOs with aphrodisiac properties are said to reduce stress, uplift, boost energy and appeal to the beholder. These oils are sure to set the mood right.

Cinnamon (all): Both Cinnamon oils excite the senses with their spicy, prickly, warm notes. These oils are known to reduce stress while uplifting the mood. Enjoy these tantalizing oils in XOXO or Bliss synergy blends.

Damiana: Like expensive jewelry, Damiana sparkles and dazzles with exotic, floral notes. This oil adds richness and color to blends as it effortlessly intertwines with so many different aromas. You and your loved one will be delighted by its captivating aroma. Encounter Damiana in Aphrodisiac and XOXO synergy blends. 

Rose: It’s no wonder roses convey love and affection. The joy-filled, deeply satisfying aroma of Rose oil is sress relieving. Experience this beautiful oil in Aphrodisiac, Love, Rose Bergamot and Cocoa Rose synergy blends.

Sandalwood (all): Woods are classified as masculine aromas, and Sandalwood is the pinnacle of woodsy aromas. This calming, mood-boosting aroma makes a handsome addition to florals and spices. Get to know Sandalwood in Aromance and Vanilla Sandalwood synergy blends.

Vanilla: Full of sweet, resinous, woodsy goodness, this oil brings out the best in other oils while relaxing its beholder. Vanilla has a full-bodied aroma of many facets. This oil is sure to whet one’s appetite. Get the goodness in Allure and Vanilla Ylang Ylang synergy blends.


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