Essential Oil Uses: A Chart

by Annie Mascia February 08, 2023

Essential Oil Uses: A Chart

One of the best ways to compare essential oil blends is to take a look at the brand behind the product. Some questions you might ask are: 

  • What are their business practices and who owns the company? 
  • Do they have a relationship with the growers of the plant products? 
  • Is the grower using sustainable practices?
  • How affordable are their aromatherapy oils? 
  • If an essential oil brand sells its products for 3 times the amount of another company does that really mean it's better? 
  • How do they make their blends?

Edens Garden is a small, private and woman-owned business that works hand in hand with the sources of their essential oils. Quality, purity and pricing are extremely important to us. Our team of experts spent years formulating and perfecting our exclusive blends. Edens Garden makes no payouts and there is no need for a membership to purchase our essential oils. Let us help to make your life as uncomplicated as possible by finding the best quality essential oils you need at our affordable prices. 

Let's look at what an essential oil blend is. Individual essential oils are made up of natural chemical constituents that hold therapeutic value. Certain constituents can help you relax, boost your immune system, soothe muscle aches, relieve headaches and more. By combining specific essential oils together you get an enhanced synergy that helps to achieve a desired purpose or aroma therapeutically. Edens Garden's team of chemists and aromatherapists formulate blends by selecting the most effective essential oils to serve that purpose or aroma. 

To simplify things even more for you, below we have highlighted our essential oil blends in a comparison chart with Young Living and doTERRA proprietary products that hold similar benefits and aromas to Edens Garden oil blends. What’s more, our simple-to-read chart below will help you find your favorite blends.

For example, if you happen to be familiar with doTERRA’s On Guard, it is very similar to Edens Garden Guardian blend. Both Guardian and OnGuard support healthy immune function and are great to use when cleaning. Another popular blend, Calming The Mind, is comparable to doTERRA’s Console. Both have a sweet and floral aroma that encourages emotional healing. For clear, easy breathing, we created Deep Breath and Breathe Easier which are similar to doTERRA’s Breathe and Young Living’s Raven. 

Edens Garden Comparable Blends


There is nothing more captivating or alluring than being truly yourself. Sensual and soft with a hint of spiciness, Edens Garden Allure blend has an enticing and captivating aroma that works with your body’s natural chemistry to create a unique aroma. Compared to doTERRAs Whisper blend, you will find ours more enticing, elegant and exquisite worn as a natural, essential oil perfume.


Positive moods are bolstered by Bliss, gifting the user with feelings of joy and levity. Its clean,  and spicy aroma can reinvigorate your mood while inspiring you to move forward. Using this blend in an essential oil diffuser will bring you its spicy and sweet rather than floral aromatics with predominant notes of Sweet Orange, Anise and a lingering pleasantness from Vanilla and Cinnamon. It compares to doTERRA’s Cheer. 


From allergies to flu season, respiratory infections to sinus issues, find comfort with both warming and cooling effects of Breathe Easier. It is a superb blend to use with steam distillation during allergy or flu season. With its innate ability to relieve, restore and revitalize the senses, this combination of minty, bright notes will open up your airways and clear congestion. Breathe Easier is a match for Young Living's Raven blend. 


Clear, bright, and balanced, Deep Breath is the preferred companion for congestion, stuffy sinuses, and breathing issues. Blended into a chest rub for topical application or inhaled from a diffuser or with steam distillation, Deep Breath will be your new favorite go-to blend. Refresh and enliven as the winter chill clears away and we start to get a little more green back in our lives! You'll love Deep Breath by Edens Garden if you like Breathe by doTERRA.


Defending our health and fighting invaders we cannot see, Fighting Five was formulated to always have your back & safeguard you and your family when called upon. Consisting of the most impressive and aggressively powerful essential oils of all time: Lemon, Cinnamon Leaf, Moroccan Rosemary, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata effectively work together to boost the immune system while giving the axe to airborne bacteria and germs. Fighting Five is on par with Young Living’s Thieves. 


As one of our customers stated: “Every gal needs a Gal Pal!.” A ladies only blend, Gal Pal is the essence of balance for use during the monthly cycle and as an all around companion. Try blending Gal Pal into a topical blend and massage onto the lower abdomen when feeling crampy and out of sorts. Its cooling and soothing quality makes it an excellent choice for times when we need to refresh our senses. Gal Pal is a match for doTERRAs ClaryCalm.


Need a little extra pep in your day? A little nudge of confidence for a big meeting? Good Morning is an essential oil blend formulated to energize, motivate and inspire. Diffusing this invigorating blend with its hints of Peppermint, traces of citrus, Rosemary and Basil is certain to supercharge your day. Our Good Morning is equivalent to doTERRAs Motivate blend. 


Powerful and energizing with a warming touch, Guardian is a robust blend formulated to help protect against germs and sickness. When diffused, Guardian helps clear the air and defend your immune system. Packed with aggressively powerful essential oils, Guardian is ideal for keeping you healthy and happy. With its effectively powerful blend of Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils Guardian is on par with doTERRAs OnGuard.


Making massage a part of your wellness regimen can transform day-to-day life. Touch is after all, the primary language of compassion and a primary means for spreading compassion. To raise the bar of a massage oil, add a few drops of Massage Therapy essential oil blend to an unscented carrier oil such as Jojoba. This splendid essential oil blend with its notes of Wintergreen and Camphor will transform any achy muscle. Compare this blend to Deep Blue by doTERRA.


You don’t have to run a triathlon to know what sore muscles feel like. Sometimes we strain our backs, legs, or necks during periods of stress or sleepless nights. Other times, we push our bodies too hard and end up feeling beaten. Muscle Relief is there to loosen tight muscles and mitigate pain. Its cooling effect assists in decreasing inflammation and swelling. Make a massage oil by diluting Muscle Relief in a carrier oil and rubbing it onto a knot or tight spot to release tension.


Whether your mind circles around disquieting thoughts during the day or night, this beautifully complex and relaxing blend of essential oils will guide you in finding peace and balance. One of its main constituents, Vetiver, initiates sedative effects on the Central Nervous System while Sweet Marjoram helps to raise the spirits. Worry Less has a sweet and slightly minty aroma that will induce the user with confidence and courage. Compare this decoction to doTERRAs Peace blend.


One of the imperatives of this life is to love. We can love ourselves, our friends and maybe even our enemies. XOXO is the perfect offering to express gratitude to those who need a little encouragement and tenderness. If you’re feeling a tad spicy (or hoping to),  XOXO can help encourage a romantic atmosphere. XOXO’s warm and enticing aroma of Cardamom, Cinnamon and Clove will ignite the senses and that of those around you. XOXO is an incredible substitute for doTERRAs Passion.

Below is a comparison chart with the oils highlighted above. If you are interested in checking out our full chart, click here.





Young Living®










Breathe Easier




Calming The Mind





Deep Breath




Fighting Five®




Gal Pal




Good Morning






On Guard®


Massage Therapy


Deep Blue®


Muscle Relief




Worry Less







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