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Top 10 EOs & Their Uses + Guide

Top 10 EOs & Their Uses + Guide

At EG, we often get asked, “which oils should I start with? Which oils are your most popular?” As such, our experts have curated a list of some of our most popular oils, and their uses. From skincare to stress, you may find that this well rounded group of oils help with most everyday issues. Did any of your favorite oils make the list?

LavenderKnown as the mother of all essential oils for its variegated uses, wealth of studies and evidence of its efficacy, gentleness, and widespread enjoyment by many, Lavender is perhaps the most popular essential oil to date. Many inhale or use Lavender EO topically for stress, skincare, pain and sleep amongst many other things. It is gentle enough to be used by children, yet effective enough to be regarded as one of the foremost enjoyed essential oils in aromatherapy.

PeppermintThe cool and clearing aroma of Peppermint is refreshing with minty layers of sweetness. Peppermint is touted as being used for digestion, energy, pain and congestion. Fans of minty aromas will love Peppermint for its complex menthol coolness and subtle sweetness.

LemonLemon essential oil can uplift sullen moods and inspire positive thinking. This multipurpose oil is used for circulation, uplifting, inflammation, skincare, nausea and purifying. Sourced from the romantic lands of Italy, EG’s Lemon essential oil is the highest quality available.

Tea Tree:The earth is rich with natural healing power and there may be no better example of this than Tea Tree. It purifies as it heals and is a must for any home medicine cabinet or first-aid kit. From encouraging immunity, to healthy respiration and clear skin, Tea Tree is beloved by many.

Frankincense:Frankincense has an ancient and fascinating history. It has been used as a support for many health conditions and in numerous consumer skincare products. This legendary substance is an active ingredient in many perfumes and body care products. Aside from skincare and perfumery, Frankincense is frequently used for immunity, stress, focus and pain.

Bergamot:When life feels messy, Bergamot essential oil may help relieve scattered thoughts while promoting focus and clarity. The clean uplifting citrus aroma will brighten your day and enhance feelings of wellbeing. Bergamot, an oil of many functions is commonly utilized for digestion, respiration, pain and stress.

Clary Sage:The clean and sweet aroma of Clary Sage essential oil make it ideal for elegant perfumes. For years, it was almost exclusively used as a lovely fragrance for upper class ladies. Now, we know that Clary Sage has many other brilliant qualities beyond its herbaceous aroma, such as being used digestion, PMS, skincare, stress and amongst other things.

Geranium:Geranium essential oil has a floral and sweet aroma, and has long been used as a remedy for a range of health issues. Known for its ability to encourage PMS relief, reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of all skin types, Geranium is a go-to.

GrapefruitGrapefruit's unique properties uplift, revive and inspire healthy lifestyles. Its zesty, bitter-sweet-citrus essence instills a wonderful sense of cheeriness and balance. This oil is commonly used for immunity, pain, inflammation, stress and uplifting. Grapefruit bursts with aliveness and friendliness, making it a positive addition to any room.

Eucalyptus:Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil is layered with refreshing properties. It has a minty, vibrant and refreshing aroma that is a common ingredient in cold care products, chest salves and inhalants. It is cooling, invigorating and soothing. Use Eucalyptus for fatigue, oily skin, respiration, pain and infection.

Download the top 10 oils and their uses guide here!



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