Which Essential Oils Help With Cabin Fever?

by Bella Martinez January 06, 2021

Which Essential Oils Help With Cabin Fever?

The cold, winter weather has many of us staying indoors these days. While homebodies are rejoicing over the fact, others are starting to feel stir crazy. Is there a way to combat feelings of claustrophobia while staying indoors? Could you come around to enjoying being home? We answer these questions and more in this guide on overcoming cabin fever. 

What Is Cabin Fever?

First thing’s first, what is cabin fever? According to Google, cabin fever is “irritability...resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.” 

Those who thrive on social interaction, outdoor activities and sunny days may be all too familiar with the winter blues which occur as a result of shorter days and more time spent indoors. 

Symptoms of cabin fever include:

  • Sleeplessness

  • Irritability and sadness

  • Fatigue

  • Restlessness

  • Lack of motivation and focus

  • Impatience

  • Loneliness

While these can also be symptoms of depression, if you’ve noticed these symptoms at or around the time of winter, or when you started staying indoors more, it is most likely a case of cabin fever. However, you should consult with your doctor if you’re unsure. 

Causes of Cabin Fever

On a surface level, cabin fever is caused by spending more time indoors than usual. Most doctors chalk this up to the fact that humans are social creatures, and therefore in need of social interaction. When we don’t receive normal social interaction, this can lead to many of the symptoms associated with cabin fever. 

And while it may seem paradoxical, introverts are argued to struggle with feelings of loneliness associated with cabin fever more than extroverts.

On the other hand, if you’re one who lives in a household with your family or roommates, cabin fever can also be caused by too much social interaction and little time for yourself. 

Essential Oils for Cabin Fever

While essential oils can’t add to or take away from your daily social interactions, they can allay feeling cooped up. Here are a few ways to use essential oils for cabin fever. 

Essential Oils for Sleep

Along with maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and ensuring you get a full 8-hours, try these bedtime essential oils to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake feeling well-rested. 

  • Lavender: When it comes to putting your body at ease, you can never go wrong with Lavender. Luckily, there are four different variations to choose from! Take your pick: Lavender-Fine, Lavender-French, Lavender-Greek, Lavender-Spike or classic Lavender-Bulgarian.

  • Chamomile: Another aromatherapy mainstay for sleep is Chamomile - Roman. To create your own Chamomile-infused sleep blend, combine 5 drops of Chamomile-Roman, 2 drops of Vetiver and 5 drops Cedarwood-Atlas to your personal inhaler and breathe in deeply 15-30 minutes before bed.

  • Sleep Ease synergy blend: Looking for a solution that’s conveniently pre-blended? When fatigue sets in, diffuse some Sleep Ease for an expedited travel plan to Slumberville.

Essential Oils for Irritability & Sadness

Need a mood boost? These essential oils will turn that frown upside down.

  • A 2005 study, researchers found that hand massages with Lavender essential oil alleviated dementia patients’ aggression.

  • A review of the benefits of Bergamot essential oil confirmed Bergamot’s mood boosting and stress-reducing benefits.

  • Similarly to Lavender and Bergamot, Lemon essential oil was found to have a positive effect on mood in a clinical study.

One blend that contains all three of the aforementioned essential oils is Lavender Magnolia. Lavender Magnolia’s floral notes intertwine with a champagne-like sweetness that supports wellbeing. 

Whether you use Lavender, Lemon or Bergamot individually or in mood-boosting Lavender Magnolia, your ticket to releasing stress and irritability isn’t far off.

Essential Oils for Fatigue

Studies show that essential oils can dramatically reduce the symptoms of fatigue, improve your energy levels and overall well being. To help you battle this issue naturally, we’ve curated the best fatigue-fighting EOs for your convenience.

  • Lemon: In 2016, researchers studied the effect of a compound in Lemon essential oil on mice that were exposed to sleep deprivation. Those given the essential oil blend had fewer symptoms of fatigue than the control group. 

  • Black Pepper: Pepper has long been used in medicinal traditions, including Ayurveda, to boost energy and focus. Its efficacy in combating fatigue is currently the subject of clinical research. This spicy ingredient can already be found in aromatherapy blends, as well as over-the-counter food supplements for focus.

  • Sandalwood: Another traditional medicinal herb, Sandalwood, has been found to increase blood saturation, blood pressure, and pulse. These physiological effects suggest people experience heightened focus, alertness, and attention when exposed to its woody aroma.

A blend that perfectly combines each of these oils is Energy Boost synergy blend. Energy Boost can help spark fresh ideas and keep fatigue and tiredness at bay. It also invigorates the senses while keeping the mind clear and ready.

Essential Oils for Motivation & Focus

Whether you’re grappling with doing house chores or even getting out of bed, these essential oils may assist with boosting motivation and focus.

  • Peppermint: Frequently used in aromatherapy to clear the mind and banish negative thoughts, Peppermint’s cool, minty aroma, cuts through mental chaos and confusion. In fact, a 2018 study revealed that Peppermint essential oil was shown to boost mood and cognitive function.

  • Rosemary: Contrary to popular belief, Rosemary isn't just a culinary herb. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used Rosemary to stimulate the mind and improve focus. A 2012 study focused particularly on the 1,8 cineole found in Rosemary. Researchers found that Rosemary essential oil directly enhanced mood, memory, and cognitive performance in the group of 20 volunteers.

  • Stay Alert synergy blend: Bright, minty, and earthy, Stay Alert is designed to clear mental static and provide the clarity that helps you complete your daily tasks with ease. Use Stay Alert to start your day off on the right foot and help you focus on the tasks at hand.

Find Your Happy Place

While taking a tropical vacation or getting out often may not be feasible, you can still drift away to your happy place with a little aromatherapy help. Have a spa day at home, remember warmer days with tropical Beach House synergy blend or take an aromatic journey with Around The World oils. However you choose to getaway (while staying in), EG is here to help. 


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Rena Franklin

January 6, 2021 at 10:28 am

I have found spearmint to be a great pick me up.
It energizes and chases away winter blues