AAA: Which Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs?

by Bella Martinez October 30, 2019

AAA: Which Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs?

This article is inspired by Whole Dog Journal’s Top 20 Essential Oils for Dogs.

We at EG are receiving more questions than ever about which essential oils are safe for pets. Keeping our families safe (pets included) while integrating healing essential oils into our lives is something we all strive for. So we decided to compile a list of some of the best essential oils for dogs, so you can know exactly which oils can help your pups live their best lives. To ensure your pet’s safety, be sure to check with your dog’s vet before using essential oils.

  1. Lavender: Just as Lavender has a gamut of purposes for humans, this all-purpose oil is great for dogs too. Calming, sedative, anti-itch and wound healing, Lavender should be in everyone’s arsenal – dog owner or not. 
  2. Copaiba: Highly regarded in Veterinary Aromatic Medicine for its ability to ease joint discomfort and reduce inflammation, Copaiba is a great topical oil for your pup. A 3-5% dilution is recommended for achy joints. Copaiba also has a subtle aroma for sensitive dogs.
  3. Sweet Orange: Citrusy and uplifting, Sweet Orange is a good choice when your dog is in the care of others and possibly missing you. Sweet Orange is also emotionally supportive when your dog is down in the dumps or fearful. 
  4. Ginger: You may already be aware of the digestive benefits Ginger can offer you, but did you know it can also help ease nausea and indigestion for your dog? What’s more, Ginger can support pain and inflammation.
  5. Rose: Calming and skin soothing, Rose is a treat to the senses (both yours and your dog’s). 
  6. Cedarwood Atlas: Circulatory and earthy in aroma, Cedarwood Atlas is also said to help deter fleas. Dogs may favor this oil’s for its animalic aroma and grounding properties as well. 
  7. Valerian: Another oil with an animalic, earthy aroma, Valerian is also calming and grounding. Applying this oil topically before entering the house, and diffusing this oil around your dog may help to ease separation anxiety. 
  8. Geranium: Floral and sweet, Geranium is antifungal and cooling. A good oil to apply topically when the temperatures are skyrocketing. It’s also said to deter ticks. 
  9. Clary Sage: Another cooling oil, Clary Sage can be paired with Geranium and applied topically for some added heat relief. This oil is immensely calming and sedative, much like Lavender. It’s pleasant, herbal aroma is enjoyed by humans and pooches alike. 
  10. Eucalyptus radiata: Soothing to the respiratory system and supportive to antiviral function, Eucalyptus may be diffused around your pooch when they seem to have come down with a cold. 

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