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AAA: Can Essential Oils Help You Quit Smoking?

by Bella Martinez November 20, 2019

AAA: Can Essential Oils Help You Quit Smoking?

So you’ve decided to quit smoking. Congratulations on your decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle! The journey ahead won’t be easy, but with determination and willpower, we know you can do it. And though essential oils are not a cure for squashing nicotine cravings, they’re able to support smoking cessation in a variety of ways.

One aromatherapist and ex-smoker found that raising ascent strip to their nose with essential oil on it helped replicate the act of raising a cigarette to their mouth. Others have drawn the same parallel to using an  essential oil inhaler. What’s more, aromatherapists have toutedBlack Pepper,Angelica Root,Basil,Frankincense,  Helichrysum,Rose andVetiver as supportive aromas in times of temptation. But that’s not all! Here are more ways essential oils can help you kick smoking’s butt.


Some may develop a temporary cough following smoking cessation. Smoking causes thecilia in your lungs to slow down. Once you stop smoking, the cilia speed up and become active (as in normal, healthy lungs), clearing mucus which produces a cough. To help your cough become more productive in clearing mucus, inhale essential oils with expectorant properties, likeRavintsara,  Saro,Eucalyptus andCamphor. And fear not, your lungs will need some time to repair and quitting smoking is the best way to strengthen them.


Add to a personal pocket inhaler and inhale as needed.

8 dropsCypress

5 drops Saro

2 dropsFrankincense carterii


Smoking can wreak havoc on the digestive system,increasing the risk of digestive cancers, heartburn, GERD, peptic ulcers, etc. The irony is thatstopping smoking can also create temporary digestive problems like constipation and nausea. Some may also experience an increased appetite. If digestion is dogging you, try applying a supportive essential oil blend likeDigest Ease orTummy Aid. You can also read up onadditional essential oils that aid digestion on our blog.


Quitting a substance, including caffeine and nicotine, can result inheadaches caused by withdrawal. Though headaches and migraines won’t cease altogether by quitting smoking, headaches that occur following smoking cessation are temporary and can be alleviated with the help of essential oils. OurHead Ease andHead-A-Sore-Us blends are soothing and can reduce the feeling of tension. And if you’re looking for even more headache helpers, our blog offers a wealth of information on our favorite EOs toloosen the grip of the dreaded migraine.


Irritability, depression, anger and general moodiness are aspects many people face due to smoking cessation. Overcoming moodiness, especially stress and anxiousness, is a key element in kicking the cigarette habit. However, the right aroma can put you in a better state of mind. Unsure where to start? A blend of mood-boosting EOs may help to lift you out of a slump.

Uplifting: Bergamot Key Lime,Citrus Cream,Simply Citrus,Uplift,Vanilla Ylang Ylang

Stress: Anxiety Ease,Be Still,Stress Relief,Tranquility,Worry Less

Balance: Align,Balance,Good Morning,Harmony,Quiet Time 

Fatigue: Awake & Aware,Energy Boost,Eucalyptus Cardamom,  Stay Alert


Lastly, and perhaps most irksome to those who love a full eight hours, sleeplessness can plague smokers. A lack of sleep can also befall you when quitting smoking, but again, this is likely only temporary. If R&R are hard to come by, we’ve got your back! From ourSleep sets to ourGood Night body oil and bath salt, there’s no end to natural ways of achieving some shuteye. Drinking a hot cup of non-caffeinated tea, waking up earlier and minimizing the use of technology before bed doesn’t hurt either.

Essential oils are just one of many methods to help you quit smoking. Try exercising to help exhaust anxiousness, find a support group to keep you accountable for quitting and write a list of reasons why you’re quitting and how much better life will be on the other end. Remember to consult with your doctor before using essential oils, and we wish you luck in your journey to quitting.

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