Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes

by Bella Martinez November 01, 2023

Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes

Now’s the time for holiday cheer, because Christmas Day is almost here! As preparations are made, fill your home with your favorite holiday aroma and let the happiness and good memories follow.

People say that aroma is the strongest sense tied to memory. Whether you’re drawing on a memory of your own or creating a new one, we have the perfect DIY Christmas essential oil diffuser blend for you. Don’t have time to make your own holiday blend? Browse our expertly formulated, limited edition Winter Essential Oil Blends.

Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes

Warmth, laughter, and cheer will come as the Christmas spirit fills the hearts of you and your loved ones thanks to these seven Christmas spirit essential oil diffuser blends.[1]

#1 Christmas Diffuser Blend

If you could use an extra dose of holiday cheer or can’t get enough of it, enjoy this holiday diffuser blend. This Christmas spirit essential oil blend will make your heart soar as you transform from a Grinch to a Cindy Lou Who.


5 drops Joy

3 drops Allspice

2 drops Cinnamon- Leaf

Our beloved Joy essential oil blend brings notes of bright citrus and subtle florals, which combine winningly with warm Cinnamon essential oil and Allspice to remind you of mulled cider and wine.

#2 Baking Cookies For Santa Blend

Didn’t have time to fill your kitchen with sweet treats this holiday season? Enjoy the aroma of baking cookies without the calories.

For this sugary sweet blend, combine:

2 drops Ginger

3 drops Vanilla- Oleoresin

1 drop Clove- Bud

2 drops Cinnamon- Bark

1 drop Cardamom

1 drop Orange Around The World

Baking Cookies combines sweetness, spice and everything nice so that the aroma of gingerbread and shortbread lingers much longer than any Christmas cookie could! It will make your whole home smell like a cozy bakery before your upcoming Christmas party.

#3 Decorating The Christmas Tree Blend

These days, many of us opt for an artificial Christmas tree, whether due to environmental concerns or the hassle of hauling the tree in and out of our homes. However, there’s nothing else quite like the piney aroma of a freshly cut tree. Try this winter diffuser blend if you’re missing your days wandering rows of Christmas trees.[2]


4 drops Cedarwood Around the World

2 drops Spruce- Black

2 drops Pine- Scots

2 drops Fir- Balsam

With more Cedarwood than evergreen, this sophisticated aroma is also deeply grounding. That means it can bring a little bit of calm to the hectic days of wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas dinner.

#4 Candy Cane Dream Blend

For many, candy canes and Peppermint are a favorite part of the Christmas season. Whether a performance of The Nutcracker has you craving the aroma or looking for a calming Christmas spirit diffuser blend, try our Candy Cane Dream recipe.


4 drops Peppermint essential oil

2 drops Spearmint essential oil

2 drops Cinnamon- Leaf essential oil

The warm Cinnamon undertone is the key to a balanced, dreamy aroma that leaves you feeling cozy and relaxed.

#5 Wise Men Blend

There’s nothing more dramatic for kids than seeing a priest swing a smoking thurible full of Frankincense and Myrrh. Even if that wasn’t a part of your Christmas tradition growing up, you’re likely familiar with the famous aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh – two gifts given to Jesus by the wise men.

Celebrate this piece of Christmas history in your home with the following blend:

6 drops Frankincense & Myrrh essential oil blend

4 drops Orange- Sweet essential oil

This sophisticated aroma is also anti-inflammatory and may help support respiratory health during the cold and flu season so that you can greet Christmas morning and the holiday season feeling your best.

#6 Crisp Winter Air

Sometimes, with all the activity of the Christmas season, you need a more subtle, soothing aroma to reset your body and mind. When this is the case, reach for a soothing blend like Crisp Winter Air.


4 drops Rosemary Around The World

4 drops Lemon

2 drops Peppermint

This blend also contains some of our favorite essential oils for stress, colds and sore throats. Antioxidant Lemon and 1,8-cineole rich Rosemary are both excellent choices if your immune system needs a little supportive help.

Use Crisp Winter Air whenever you need a bit of rest so that you can get back to the wonderful holiday season feeling refreshed.

#7 Eggnog Blend

Is eggnog a favorite part of your Christmas ritual? Nutmeg isn’t just a classic Christmas aroma, but also a great oil to help soothe your stomach after you’ve overindulged. That’s right — this essential oil blend can undo the damage its namesake and other Christmas treats might impart!


3 drops Vanilla- Oleoresin

3 drops Nutmeg

2 drops Cinnamon- Leaf

2 drops Cassia

Energizing and sweet, this blend’s aroma can also help you get your second wind after an afternoon meal so that you can enjoy the Christmas spirit further into the evening.

Oils For All Seasons

At Edens Garden, we strive to connect people with essential oils to nurture them through every season. Our Essential Oil Blends and recipes are suited for every occasion, from Christmas diffuser recipes to spring blends that combat allergies to summer-friendly bug-be-gone oils. Formulated without pesticides, herbicides, or additives, they deliver plants’ best benefits.

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Hi JoAnn! You might enjoy Ocean Breeze or Beach House blends. Both are clean and reflect the incredible aromas of the seaside.

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