All New Purposeful Blends

by Grace Martin November 02, 2022

All New Purposeful Blends

We recently launched 47 new blends for skincare, hair care, wellness, health, sleep, massage and more and they’ve quickly become a hit, and it’s no wonder why. Allow these blends to improve your every day with their restorative, healing and supportive formulas. Made with our 100% pure essential oils, our latest collection is powerful, effective and all-natural.

For good measure, let’s take another look at our 47 new incredible essential oil blends. Which blends are you excited to try? 

7 Face, Body & Hair Blends

#1 Best Skin Ever

Cover your skin in pure nourishment with Best Skin Ever. A restorative combination that effectively addresses a broad range of skin concerns and is best for dry, itchy skin and eczema.

#2 Face Love

Restore radiance, firm skin and give yourself a healthy-looking glow with Face Love. An expertly crafted formula that offers complete skin nourishment, this blend is a facial in a bottle.

#3 Hair Love

Amplify hair health with Hair Love. A blend that helps boost the appearance of long, flowing locks, this blend is a must-have for any natural hair care routine.

#4 Healthy Scalp

Keeping your scalp healthy and protected has never been easier with Healthy Scalp. This blend actively soothes and maintains a healthy scalp while promoting visibly thicker, fuller hair and less flaking.

#5 Pampered Skin

Dry skin, little red bumps, sunburns, chafed knees and elbows can put a damper on a good sunny day. With the skin nourishing and soothing effects of Pampered Skin, you can rest assured that relief is on its way.

#6 Scar Therapy

We all wish we could take an eraser to scars and imperfections, and now you can. Minimize scars, stretch marks, blemishes and imperfections with Scar Therapy essential oil blend.

#7 Sunburn Recovery

Slather on the aloe vera and reach for Sunburn Recovery. This comforting blend nourishes, rehydrates and refreshes skin from within. 

6 Men & Women's Wellness Blends

#1 Best Man

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, and Best Man was formulated to help men do just that. This blend is for those wishing to uncover their inner boldness. It also makes a great personal aroma.

#2 Gentle-Men

The perfect aroma can turn a good day into a great one, and with Gentle-Men, every day can be a great one. Inspired by valiant strength, this blend is a force to be reckoned with.

#3 Hormone Balance 

So much of wellness is grounded in finding balance in our bodies and our minds. Hormone Balance can help you take hold of wholeness once again.

#4 Labor-Less Delivery

A soothing blend that helps to support the needs of mamas-to-be, Labor-Less Delivery helps maintain symptoms of nausea, occasional headaches, discomfort and fatigue naturally so you can enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

#5 Me-No-Pause

It works swiftly to aid symptoms and discomforts such as hot flashes, chills, mood swings and more. So enjoy life to the fullest with Me-No-Pause.

#6 Stop Cramps Period

Stop Cramps Period helps relieve cramping, nausea, hot flashes and moodiness, but its aroma is also floral and fruity in the most lovely way. Stop Cramps Period is a soothing blend of 100% pure essential oils that supports women’s health.

    9 Health Blends

    #1 Combat Allergies

    The next time allergy symptoms spring up, shoo them away with Combat Allergies essential oil blend – your new defense symptom against pesky allergens.

    #2 Common Cold Aid

    Common Cold Aid is a restorative blend of healthful essential oils that will get you back on your feet faster while also helping to prevent seasonal threats before they strike. 

    #3 Cough & Congestion Relief

    Breathing in and out is vital to our health. Cough & Congestion Relief makes the simple act of letting air enter and escape from our lungs a little smoother, and less strained.

    #4 Detox & Cleanse 

    Reclaim wholeness and health by detoxifying with Detox & Cleanse essential oil blend. Magically harmonizing, this blend is flush with antioxidizing and purifying properties that help keep free radicals at bay. 

    #5 Good Health 

    Taking small steps towards staying well can go a long way. Good Health is a leap and a bound to maintaining year-round wellness.

    #6 Headache & Migraine Aid

    We all wish we could get through throbbing head and neck pain on our own. But rather than just bear it, inhale the soothing and tension-relieving aroma of Headache & Migraine Aid. 

    #7 Natural Cleaning

    Add some extra sparkle to your home without toxic chemicals. Natural Cleaning is formulated with 100% pure essential oils and can work wonders on counters, floors, tile, toilets, sinks, ovens, windows and wood. 

    #8 Nausea & Motion Sickness

    Roller-coasters, car rides, boating and general ickiness have a way of making us queasy and unsettled. Luckily, overcoming unwanted stomach upset has never been so easy thanks to Nausea & Motion Sickness.

    #9 Stuffy Nose & Sinus Relief

    Fresh Spike Lavender, medicinal Eucalyptus and clean Fir Needle are combined in this healthful blend to help open airways and promote better breathing. Use Stuffy Nose & Sinus Relief in a steam or a diffuser for quick action.

        8 Mood Blends

        #1 Calming The Mind 

        Calming The Mind has a sweet, floral and somewhat musky aroma and is made from a mix of soothing essential oils that work to quiet the mind while reducing stress and frustration.

        #2 Concentration & Memory 

        When your synapses aren’t firing like they’re supposed to how do you move forward? Enter Concentration & Memory, your solution to fighting off brain fog so you can stay on top of tasks.

        #3 Conquer Cravings

        Formulated to encourage better self-control and willpower, there’s nothing you can’t do with Conquer Cravings.

        #4 Diffuse The Anxiety

        Sink into blissful relaxation with Diffuse The Anxiety. Its soothing aroma can help you let go of the day’s troubles and find a deeper sense of peace. 

        #5 Energy & Focus

        When the task at hand requires everything you’ve got, it pays to have Energy & Focus essential oil blend at your side. This blend offers a boost of vigor and motivation whenever you need it. 

        #6 Forgiveness & Healing

        Troubles and heartache are inevitable but Forgiveness & Healing reminds us to tap into our resilience and find the good. Not only can you overcome the obstacles that lie before you, but you can grow from them. 

        #7 Relaxing Home

        If you find it difficult to make your home an oasis between the messes, chores and stresses that come through the door, Relaxing Home essential oil blend can help.  

        #8 Stress Less

        We all encounter some form of stress throughout the day, but it’s how we deal we with it that sets us apart. Stress Less essential oil blend was formulated to help you take on stress in stride. 

          6 Massage & Sleep Blends

          #1 Better Together

          Show that you care with Better Together. Whether you’re looking to express gratitude or add a little joy to someone’s day, Better Together is the blend that inspires closeness and connection.

          #2 Healing Massage

          Healing Massage is a de-stress blend that helps to aid emotional and physical realignment. Balancing the mind and body while offering deep relaxation, the therapeutic benefits are plentiful.

          #3 Inflammation Aid

          Inflammation Aid blend has a proclivity to naturally restore your vitality and health while relieving inflammation. Natural ingredients work to support healthy muscles and joints by augmenting blood flow to these areas. 

          #4 Sore Muscles & Pain Ease 

          Find soreness slip away with this restorative blend. The fortitude of Sore Muscles & Pain Ease is in its formulation which is meant to bring physical and emotional stability through clean, minty aromatics. 

          #5 Insomnia Aid 

          Find harmony and serenity with this masterfully designed sleep aid essential oil blend meant to assist healthy sleep patterns and better mental health. Diffuse Insomnia Aid essential oil blend to feel rejuvenated.

          #6 Best Sleep Ever 

          Inspire deep relaxation and improve occasional restlessness. Best Sleep Ever offers improved sleep quality by helping to increase smooth airflow so you can slumber quietly and wake up to the best day ever.

            10 Diffuser Blends

            #1 Be Fruitful 

            Nothing boosts mood like a fun and uplifting aroma, and Be Fruitful is just that. Bright, sweet and crisp this blend brings a smile to the face and promotes a blissful attitude. 

            #2 Breath of Fresh Air 

            With a citrusy and slightly minty aroma, Breath of Fresh Air is an all-natural option for refreshing surfaces and air. Its invigorating aroma can also increase alertness and mindfulness. 

            #3 Diffuse, Inhale, Repeat

            If you’re looking for an aroma to obsess over, Diffuse, Inhale, Repeat essential oil blend may be just the thing. Earthy, forest-like and energizing, Diffuse, Inhale, Repeat is aromatic bliss down to the last drop. 

            #4 Diffuser Days

            Adding Diffuser Days to your diffuser is a good first step to starting your day off right. Uplifting Nova Mandarin, smooth Coconut and groovy Patchouli come together in this blend to create an aroma that’s sure to put a pep in your step.

            #5 Ginger Flower

            Invigorating the senses with an aroma that combines softness with strength, Ginger Flower is a balanced combination of floral bouquets and exotic spices. Diffuse it or wear it often for its wonderful aroma.

            #6 Home Sweet Home

            Inspired by moments and memories, we created this blend to feel personal and recognizable to everyone. A blend of cozy Firs, pops of citrusy Lime and grounding Palo Santo, Home Sweet Home enhances every atmosphere.

            #7 Ocean Breeze

            Take a trip to the seaside without ever leaving your home with Ocean Breeze essential oil blend. Like a walk along the coastline, this blend is crisp and invigorating.

            #8 The Good Life

            The Good Life essential oil blend was created to help you savor each moment of this incredible life. With zesty sparks of citrus and warm notes of Neroli, The Good Life combines sophisticated aromas that can only be found in nature.

            #9 This Smells Amazing

            An all-around great blend for refreshing spaces, adding pops of fresh aroma to linens and turning your home into a haven, This Smells Amazing elevates and enhances. 

            #10 Voted Best Smelling

            Voted Best Smelling essential oil blend helps you grab ahold of the sparkle you already possess. Energizing and revitalizing, its floral and sweet aroma captivates the senses making this an award-winning blend.

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